The war for Infinity Falls – The Slag Works

The war for Infinity Falls – The Slag Works

A new Turf war has begun! Our club has finally got round to starting a new Turf War after the last one petered out a bit around half way through due to people’s commitments getting in the way.

This time around we have decided to run a modified Turf War. We are still using the main rules from Gang War 1, but using the Dominion territories for any special territories generated instead of the dice table provided in the book. The reasons we chose to do this are as follows.

We found that Dominion campaigns very quickly became one sided as the gang that was winning matches was winning territory which meant more creds and stronger gangs, whereas the gangs that lost became weaker and weaker. I had 5 games before I earned a income generating territory outside of my starting settlement. Without the ability for champions and leaders to go and work the turf, it can be incredibly difficult to earn any creds which means the gap between strong and weak gangs only gets wider and wider.

Feel free to post in the comments below if you have had different experiences and how your Dominion campaigns have gone as I would be intrigued to know if it was just us that was struggling with this!

A new gang arises

I chose to run a Goliath gang again as it kept a good split of different gang types across the Turf War (originally was going to try running some escher) but I built a very different gang this time around.

My gang this time around is built around a leader with bolt pistol and chainsword, champ with a flamer and a champ with a renderizer, all with nerves of steel. Add to that a couple of gangers with stub cannons and a unarmed Juve and there is my starting gang.

Since then I have played 3 games or so, one against Van Saar, one against Delaque, one against Escher. So far I am at 2 wins and 1 loss, with the loss being a very close run game that swung back and forth. However 1 of the wins was my gang escaping an Escher ambush and although my gang “won” I had 2 gangers taken out of action, with one rolling a 66 and the other 64! I couldn’t believe it! So after collecting my cred and recouping my losses my gang is not as strong as it might be!

However I have finally got to add this precious dude to my gang! I have been dying to add this guy to my gang!

Sump Kroc!

I have also painted up my champ with the renderizer who you can see below.

The Silver Tower nears completion!

I have been having a very productive time when it comes to painting recently! For the Silver Tower I have now added the Gaunt Summoner, Ogroid Thaumaturge, Screamers of Tzeentch and all of the Tzaangors to the painted list! I also painted another hero, the Knight Venator. So the original box of minis is now finally fully painted! It has been a labour of love but I am so pleased to have finally done this. Check out some of the models below.

I will definitely get a photo of all the minis together at some point soon as that will be really satisfying!

There are still a couple of exotic adversaries and a whole bunch of heroes I could paint before it is all fully completed. I plan on at least getting the rest of the exotic adversaries completed, however I may begin painting the Blackstone Fortress minis now before doing any more Silver Tower heroes.

I think that is all for this week but thanks for bearing with me, has been another ridiculously busy week or two but hopefully will get another post out soon!

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