At long last…

At long last…

It is finished, complete, done, at last…

My new office is finished being decorated so I can finally get in and get some more painting done this weekend! Hurrah! It has been a good 2 months (including holidays and delays) but I can finally move in to my new office and I feel like I can actually do some hobbying at home!

I really like the new office space I have as although it is smaller than my old office (now converted into a spare bedroom) it feels a lot less cluttered. Obviously give it time and I may clutter it but because there is not a lot of storage space I will only really be able to have what I am currently working on out on my desk so I think this will help from a clutter point of view.

Excitement building…!

So next weekend is the Forge World & Specialists Games Open Day at Warhammer World in Nottingham and I will be heading down with a couple of the guys from my local gaming group to check it out!

I’m really excited as I am expecting a couple of early pre-releases for Necromunda, possibly the new Cawdor models or at the very least the new weapons sprues for the Orlocks (who I am planning to use in my next Turf War).

However I am also expecting some news on Adeptus Titanicus which I know a couple of my gaming group are really excited about! Not sure if I can afford to get involved but I don’t know if I will be able to resist!

What are you all excited for?

I know this is just a short post but I am expecting a big post next week after the Open Day with lots of photos!

Remember, stay Miniature Minded…

…oh and because I can’t resist…



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