The spark is reignited…

The spark is reignited…

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since my last post, an amazing holiday to Vietnam, along with building work complications have meant a delay in getting back to my regular posting and being able to find time for the hobby.

My old office has been transformed into a 3rd bedroom and we have a new smaller office built. However the decorator still hasn’t finished due to illness so I can’t really get in and settle to get my painting station setup along with laptop etc ready to get down to some serious hobby business.

However this should be sorted this week so I am hoping to get back into the regular swing of the hobby next week. I still haven’t managed to have our final dust-up in our 2nd Necromunda Turf War either as both Robin and I have been busy so that is still to come to decide the top gang in Infinity Falls.

So why have I titled this the spark reignited? Well I caught up with a friend of mine over the weekend and we ended up playing some Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower, and he absolutely loved it! I had forgotten how much fun that game can be, especially for those who are not into the miniature wargaming hobby. I have only gotten round to painting the heroes from the original box and a few grot scuttlings but playing the game has inspired me to put the rest of the adversaries on my painting list.

So here’s hoping that you will see some more adversaries up and painted in the near future, starting next week!

Thanks for bearing with me whilst I have been busy but I will hopefully be back into regular posting from now on.

Remember, stay Miniature Minded!



2 thoughts on “The spark is reignited…

  1. Question I hope you can answer as I’ve been tempted by Warhammer Quest for a while, how does it stack up against the likes of Imperial Assault, Descent and Gloomhaven? I’m thinking specifically in terms of replayability as there don’t seem to be expansions for it in the same way as there are for the FFG games.

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    1. Hi Ed, I haven’t played those other games. In terms of replayability there is some as the dungeon is randomly mapped out before you. However each trial (of which there are 9) does have a specific set of tiles that can then be randomly shuffled but you will always end with the same tile.

      Also the enemies are mostly randomly rolled for so that adds to replayability, as well as the different heroes all play very differently so that is a plus too. However once you have played the whole thing 3-4 times you will probably get bored. Having said that if you have left a gap between playing it of a few months then you could probably pick up and play again without feeling too repetitive.


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