GW continously laying tracks in front of the advancing train!

GW continously laying tracks in front of the advancing train!

Hi everyone!

Now you may be asking what on earth I meant when I wrote the title for this post. Well what I am talking about is how Games Workshop are doing a fantastic job of keeping their company rolling with new advances across all their different gaming systems whilst keeping the quality of the new releases high and keeping gamers like me excited for what’s next!

By all gaming systems, I mean all…

I just received my latest copy of White Dwarf in the post and it alone shows how many new releases there have been recently, and with even more to come, across all of their games!

For 40k we have Forgebane, a great value new box set with the new Knight Armigers and a new Necron Cryptek. This has also been followed up by the new Necron codex, datacards and dice as has been the usual with the new codex updates. We also know from Adepticon teasers that the new Imperial Knight codex will be on it’s way soon.


Still 40k we also have the new Drukhari codex release with some much needed updates for the Dark Eldar. I had always been up in the air about deciding whether to collect a Drukhari (as they are now known) army as I think the models look fantastic. I love the asian feel of their raiders and the sleek but lethal look of all the models. If I were to pick up a new army they would definitely be near the top of the list!

With Age of Sigmar we have seen the beginnings of the new Idoneth Deepkin. Hot on the heels of the Daughters of Khaine last month, it is brilliant to see the return of the Elves to the fantasy setting. I know some are not keen on the models, but personally I think they look fantastic! I know my friend Alex (who doesn’t play AOS, neither do I) saw the Daughters of Khaine and said they were drawing him in to start an AOS army! The same for me with the Idoneth Deepkin! We also have the Malign Portents which I’m sure will bring some new releases for the Death faction.


With Necromunda we have the release of the new weapon packs for House Escher, with the teaser for the new House Goliath weapon packs. I know I for one can’t wait to pick up a pack of those to get some new weapon combos on my Goliath gang! We also have House Van Saar incoming sometime soon along with Gang War 3, as well as the Ambot which was teased recently! So much excitement I can’t wait!


With 30k Forge World continues to release new models, with Rogal Dorn released recently, along with Constantin Valdor and new weapon upgrades for the Adeptus Custodes.

And theres more!

Games Workshop continues to release more video games. Personally I am not a huge fan of many of their offerings in this sector. Most of the games are rushed and end up poor. However I have enjoyed Total War: Warhammer but I have not bought any of the newer releases.

Finally the Black Library continues to pump out more novels than you can shake a stick at! I recently picked up the Black Library Humble Bundle for around £10, which if you haven’t picked up is an absolute steal! Even if you already have some of the books in the collection (like me) it is still worth every penny!

I am a big fan of the novels in the 40k and 30k universe, and even have the start of the realmgate wars for AOS. I have got up to Deathfire in the Horus Heresy series, I recently picked up the Kal Jericho trilogy and Dark Imperium which are next on my list to read. If you haven’t ever been a fan of reading, I would recommend you start with either the Eisenhorn Trilogy, Gaunt’s Ghosts, Space Wolf, Gotrek and Felix or the opening trilogy of the Horus Heresy. I loved them all and I think you will too!

What new/upcoming release has got you excited?

Let me know what has got you excited. I’m really interested to see what you think and see if other hobbyists are as excited as I am at the plethora of new releases.

Also what would you like to see more of me posting about? It would be great to have some more feedback on what you want to see me post about as I want to be guided by you!

Thanks for listening and remember, stay Miniature Minded!


6 thoughts on “GW continously laying tracks in front of the advancing train!

  1. I’m going to be cheeky here, but mostly I’m looking forward to C7’s new edition of Warhammer FRP, their as yet untitled Age of Sigmar RPG and the Ulisses Spiel Wrath & Glory 40K RPG. Workshop create some sweet minis, but their rule systems are so bad as to be unplayable once you have experience of modern games. The one shining exception is Shadespire, which is their only in-house produced game I have any interest in. Luckily it looks like there will be continuing support after the initial eight warbands, so I’m pleased about that. I’d be interested in seeing your take on Shadespire, but given your previous comments about X-Wing’s model count it may not be for you.

    Other than that I’d be interested in your take on some non-GW games. With the enormous hype around Legion that could be a great game to look at.

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  2. Hi Ed, I have been watching Critical Role for a few years now (If you haven’t seen it check it out) so I definitely appreciate the desire for the RPG games GW is looking to produce. The issue I have with RPG games generally is finding the people to play with and being able to commit to a regular game every week for several hours. I know my friend Robin loves Shadespire but for me it just doesn’t really interest me but maybe I need to get Robin to give me a game and see what it’s like and great that you are enjoying it!

    It’s not so much on model count as you can probably tell I am loving Necromunda! For me it with a lot of the Star Wars games they just feel a bit limited in scope as they look like they get a bit stale very quickly. I know some of the guys down at the club played their first game at the club of Legion and loved it! However again for me it is always going to be rebels vs empire and I just think it will get dull quite quickly. I think the rules from what I’ve heard have been very well done and the game play is good but for me after a few games of rebels vs empire how do you keep it interesting and fresh? That is what I love about the GW games.

    Really great to hear your thoughts and I will try to get some thoughts on some non-GW games down!


  3. I read through your Necromunda reports, and it really does not sound like a game I’d enjoy. It read as if in several of the games you rep’d you were basically a spectator and in one you literally didn’t get a turn? That’s something that has been a long term problem with GW games, which is one of the main reasons I dislike their rulesets so much.

    As for Empire vs Rebels getting stale, I played a fair few historic and fantasy historic war games after ditching WFB and 40K. French vs Allies, Roundheads vs Cavaliers, Axis vs Allies and the like. I’m more into the stratigic and tactical aspects of the engagement than the pretty colours (I’m a very average painter at best). Legion has a superb system that supports considerable diversity of units and in the end that’s the sort of variety that appeals to me rather than 40K’s pretend diversity intended to sell as much paint as possible.


    1. That’s fair enough! I’ve still enjoyed necromunda a great deal and yes there are a few issues that need sorting, it is still great fun.

      That’s great and I’m all for everyone playing whatever games they enjoy. There is no right answer as to what game you should/shouldn’t enjoy.

      For me I can’t think of anything worse than playing historical wargaming but I’m glad people enjoy it!

      I’m only an average painter and I don’t think it has anything to do with selling paint. But I love the diversity of wargaming!


  4. The selling paint thing is a bit of a crack at an infamous interview that one of the GW high-ups (I thought it was Ansell but I can’t source that now) did in the late 80s/early 90s in a trade press magazine. When asked why there were so many chapters of Space Marine he answered, “it sells more paint.” Without knowing about that chapter of GW’s history that comment doubtless comes across as unnecessary snarky, for which I apologise.

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