1 Year Anniversary for Miniature Minded!

1 Year Anniversary for Miniature Minded!

Hi to all you followers of Miniature Minded!

So unbelievably Miniature Minded was 1 year old on Sunday! If I’m honest I am pleasantly surprised it has lasted this long and that I have been consistently (fairly) posting something of interest to all my fellow hobbyists out there.

I thought now would be a good time to reminisce on what I have achieved over the past year with Miniature Minded (with your help of course!), some of the high points over the past tear and whether I achieved my loose goals that I set myself when I first set this up.


Here are some of the stats from the past year of Miniature Minded:

  • 34 posts, that’s 0.65 per week, 2.83 per month.
  • 6,695 visitors, that’s 129 a week or 18 a day.
  • 9,212 views, that’s 177 a week or 25  day.
  • Visitors from 81 different countries (trusting IPs which may not be accurate but I will take it!)

To be honest with you I never thought I would get this many views for Miniature Minded. Certainly at the start I was lucky to get perhaps 30/50 views for a particularly popular post. Now it is up into 300/500 views of the site for that which is really great to see. Hopefully you are all finding the posts interesting and sometimes thought-provoking!

Less statistical achievements

I have been really pleased to get a really diverse range of posts on my blog in the time I have been posting. Covering things from editorial on how I feel the current state of Games Workshop is, to new games like Blood Bowl and Necromunda, 40k battle reports, what I have been building and painting and White Dwarf reviews.

Definitely the most popular post so far was on the state of GW nation. I think that this kind of post got a lot of you talking about how you felt GW currently sat in the hobby market compared to a few years ago. Certainly on Facebook it garnered a huge amount of discussion with comments galore. I am hoping to try to cover more editorial posts like this in the future as it is clearly something that interests you all. However if you would like to see more posts on particular topics please do comment below and let me know! I would rather post about what interests you!

Another achievement that I have been really proud of and this kind of sits under goals achieved as well, was that I have been far better at getting units painted this year than I think ever before. One of my personal goals for the blog was for it to be an incentive to paint more. As many of you will probably know I don’t think much of my own painting skills and I have always struggled to find motivation to paint, the part of the hobby I find least attractive.

Over the past year I have painted a 2000pt Ad-mech Army, half of the Dark Imperium box set, an Imperial Knight, the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower characters and half my Goliath gang. It may not seem like much to experienced painters out there but for me this was a huge achievement and something I hope to continue this year! I would like to get a whole bunch of my Tyranid army painted, along with more of the Silver Tower adversaries and finish my Goliath gang as well but I hope that is just the start!

Finally my last achievement was getting to 1 year and still be posting fairly regularly! As I said earlier, I hoped I would get this far but it was by no means certain and a lot of that is down to you! If nobody was interested then it probably would have petered out but I have seen the interest from my fellow hobbyists and this pushes me to do more so thank you!

High points over the past year

So what have been the high points over the year?

One of my definitive high points this year was getting my Imperial Knight painted. I never thought I would paint such a large model, and although it is painted very simply, I am really pleased with it. Hopefully I can continue my painting journey this year and keep improving.

Another was my post about the State of the GW nation exploding in terms of views and comments on Facebook. It was really great to see everyone getting involved and hearing your comments and views on the subject. As I said earlier hopefully I can make some more posts like this that really engage and resonate with you!

Another definite high for me was when Andy Hoare from Games Workshop had read my post on the review of our first Turf War and replied to say that it was a good review and they would definitely take some of the niggles we had under consideration moving forwards. It shows that the designers are listening if you put yourself out there!

Finally my last high point was getting the alert on my Facebook memories on Sunday showing my first post was a year ago! It was a great pick-me-up and encouragement for me to keep going.

Goals achieved…?

My rather loose goals for the year were:

  • Post regularly
  • Paint more
  • Enjoy it!

I feel that all 3 of these goals have been achieved and I am really pleased with that. Time to set some more goals for the year ahead!

Thank you

I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have been following Miniature Minded. Your support means a huge amount and without it I don’t think I would have made it this far. Special thanks to all the guys at my local gaming club Norman Cross Crusaders who continue to encourage me on this front!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite posts have been, what you would like to see more of and generally let me know if you have liked Miniature Minded, whether you have been following for a week or a year…

…and remember, stay Miniature Minded!


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