First game of Necromunda!

First game of Necromunda!

Good evening all you Hive Gangers!

So I played my first ever game of Necromunda on Monday this week just gone and I thought I would give my first impressions of the game as a complete newcomer to the game.

First Impressions

So for my first game I played someone from the club called James who was playing his second game I think so had a slightly better understanding of the rules.

We played using the advanced rules from Gang War using 3D terrain etc so I was thrown right in the deep end. I played with a Goliath gang and James played with an Escher gang worth 1000 credits. We played the stand off mission where both gangs aim is to kill the other essentially so nice and simple to start off with!

My overall first impressions are that it was great fun to play! I really enjoyed the game and although there was a fair bit of going back and forth from the rulebooks as we were both relatively new to the game, it was still a manageably short game. We got plenty of rules wrong but I have now had a thorough read through of the rules and should be able to manage this better in my next game.

Both of us managed to take out a fair few gangers from each side, James had a hndful left by the end of the game whereas I had my Leader left and that was it.

I can’t wait to paint up my gang and start taking part in the clubs Turf war which will begin this weekend. The one thing I learnt from this game is I think you have to be very careful when you start taking casualties to not be afraid to bottle out otherwise your gang will be in very poor shape for the next fight with lots of gangers out injured etc.

I’m really looking forward to the campaign beginning and being able to get more invested in each of my gangers with them gaining experience, new weapons and equipment etc.

You can take a look at my built gang below. Hopefully they will be painted up soon rather than stuck in grey! Hopefully in my next post I will have my starting gang list for the Turf War ready to share. I think I will go Goliath again (mainly because I know them a bit better and my Escher aren’t built yet!).

The Ironclad Scumbreakers!

Hope you all have a great week! Again any comments and questions just let me know and I will answer them as soon as I can! Would love to hear your thoughts on the new game, or anything else I have talked about in the past.





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