At last he is complete…!

At last he is complete…!

Hey guys and girls,

So I know I mentioned in my post from last week that I was hoping to finally get my Imperial Knight finished…well at least one set of weapons finished anyway! Well on Thursday evening I managed to finally put the finishing touches to the Gatling Cannon and earlier in the week I completed the Missile Pod that sits on the shoulders!

So here my Imperial Knight stands!

Let me know what you think! Again I am not the best painter but I am fairly pleased with him. I think he is the sort of model I may come back to and add extra details, highlighting etc later on but for now he is complete! Although having said that I need to do the base…where did I put that…?

Just need to paint up the Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Battle Cannon and Thermal Cannon and then I can have a fully painted Imperial Knight with all the weapon options.

Also on Thursday night whilst listening to some Critical Role, I managed to get a recently purchased Tech-Priest built, as the Ad-mech codex came out and they are our only cheap HQ choice, I needed one to fill the slots for Battalion detachments at lower point levels.

I like the model and I look forward to painting him up to join the rest of my Ad-mech legion.

Next on the painting table is a Primaris Librarian, Primaris Chaplain, a squad of Hellblasters and Cawl…oh and I would quite like to paint up my Necromunda gangs once they are built…!

Have a great weekend and remember to stay miniature minded!


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