Back to the Underhive

Back to the Underhive

Wow guys, Necromunda is back!

I missed the boat with Necromunda the first time around but I remember reading about it in many a White Dwarf magazine and thinking it looked fantastic! Having your gang of sump suckin’ low life’s making their fortune (or not in many cases!) by raiding, trashing and bounty hunting their way through the Necromundan Underhive looked like so much fun! I remember it looking like a great game to play as you only needed to have a small gang and some excellent cardboard terrain (anyone remember that?) and you were set for as many games of Necromunda as you could imagine!

If you haven’t already seen the images shared by the Warhammer Community team then check them out here as it look brilliant!

Personally I think the models look fabulous and if Shadow War: Armageddon is any indication, hopefully their will be some fantastic new multi level terrain sets to go with it! Even if the box set comes with repackaged Shadow War terrain it would be brilliant!

So what do you think about the return of Necromunda? Let me know in the comments section below!

Anyway moving on from Necromunda…

What have I been up to in the last few weeks? Well there has been a lot more building going on, and a little bit more painting too! Those of you who follow my Twitter (@MiniatureMinded) will have already seen the Inceptors that I painted last week but those of you who haven’t check them out!

I also managed to get a bit more of my Imperial Knight done, the meltagun, stubber and shoulder joints, as well as getting some weapon arms and carapace weapons primed and ready to paint. Hopefully he will be ready to march fully painted soon!

Finally for this week I managed to build another squad of Neophyte Initiates and Cult Chimera for my Genestealer Cult, as well as another Sentinel (all weapons magnetized). My initial GS cult army is almost complete, with one more sentinel to build and I will be happy for now!

Magnetized Sentinel

Oh and before I go did I mention I built this guy?

What an awesome model! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not convinced the aesthetic is quite 40k, it looks a little too Battletech/Gundam to me but still a beautiful model with fantastic detail! I love that the main weapon can be easily switched out without magnetizing, and I managed to magnetize the “fist” weapon quite easily so pleased with that!

So that’s all for this week! Hopefully I will get another post up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Above all, keep your focus Miniature Minded!


2 thoughts on “Back to the Underhive

  1. Apparently Andy Hoare has confirmed that Necromunda will have no NEW terrain (emphasis mine) but I suspect that there will be more Sector Mechanicus terrain in the box. Either the same things as SW:A or possibly different pieces from the same line. Since I have already ordered a SW:A boxed set, I hope it comes with some of the other Sector Mechanicus terrain pieces that didn’t come with SW:A.

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    1. To be honest I would be very happy with more sector Mechanicus terrain in the box as it is beautiful. But I have heard much the same from others in Facebook groups.


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