Building, Painting, Building, Painting…

Building, Painting, Building, Painting…

So it has been a fairly busy week back at work, being a now fairly regular guest on my friend Richard’s Movie & TV show radio show/podcast (check it out here: Film&TVshow , he’s doing a brilliant job!) and a busy weekend helping some friends of ours move house but I have been fairly successful in finding time for a number of Warhammer projects over the past week or so! I have managed to play my second game of 8th edition, build a number of models and scenery as well as manage to get a decent amount of painting done which I am very proud of!

Building, Building, Building…

So what have I been building over the past week or so? Well a number of different models have been on my building list:

  • Primaris Librarian
  • Genestealer Acolytes
  • Primaris Intercessors
  • Primaris Inceptors
  • Primaris Reivers
  • Imperial Objectives

So over the past week or so I feel I have been very productive. Along with the new tasty looking Primaris Librarian model, which I absolutely adore (especially the helmet version) I had some leftover Primaris marines from a second set of Dark Imperium, as well as Reivers from the First Strike Box.

I also finally managed to get round to building my second unit of Genestealer Acolytes which means my Genestealer Cult army is just about ready for a game. I have one more Chimera + Neophyte Hybrids box and 2 more Sentinels to build and then I will be happy with my force.

I also bought the new Imperial Objectives box which I thought were really cool looking and funnily enough make great objective markers!

So still on the building list are the Genestealer Cult units I mentioned above, 1 more set of 3 Reivers and my brand new shiny Redemptor Dreadnought which arrived today with my new Space Marine codex!

Painting something exciting!

So first I will get the less exciting painting I have done out of the way. I finally finished the last hero from the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower box, the Mistweaver Saih. Let me know what you think below:

However what has been more exciting on a personal note has been I have started painting my first (and only) Imperial Knight! I have managed to get the Legs and Torso done so far. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below! Can’t wait to have this done as I have never painted anything this big before.

8th Edition Battle Report: Ad-Mech vs Blood Angels

So I also had my second battle of 8th Edition with 1000pts of my Ad-Mech vs Alex’s Blood Angels. The lists were approximately as follows:

Ad-Mech 1000pts Battle Forged (6 Command Points)

Tech Priest Dominus Eradication Ray

Tech Priest Dominus Volkite Charger

10 x Rangers w/ 2 arc rifles & Omnispex

10 x Vanguard w/ 2 Plasma Cailvers & Omnispex

3 x Kataphron Destroyers w/ Plasma Culverins & Flamers

3 x Syndonian Dragoons w/ Taser lances

Blood Angels 1000pts Battle Forged (6 Command Points)



10 x Tactical Marines

5 x Tactical Marines w/ Missile Launcher

5 x Tactical Marines w/ Missile Launcher

5 x Assault Marines

Death Company Dreadnought

Baal Predator w/ Twin Assault Cannons & Heavy Bolters


So I will make this brief as I didn’t make too many notes on this particular report but we used the new Open War cards to choose the mission, deployment type and this was really exciting as we played a mission where on the 3rd battle round an objective crash lands in the middle of an area of the map depending on dice rolled and also the special rules where no battle shock tests were taken. It certainly made it new and interesting and I could see how the cards will be great to keep mixing things up!

This photo was taken at the start of the battle:

I forgot to take more photos (sorry!). The overally gyst of the battle was that the Ad-Mech eventually prevailed in Battle Round 4 as no Blood Angels were left on the field. However if there had been any Blood Angels left Alex would have won as the objective landed in his deployment zone and my only fast moving units got stuck in combat with Mephiston and got butchered!

By the end of the battle I had my 3 Kataphrons, 1 Tech Priest and a handful of Rangers and Vanguard left. It was closer than it looked but and Alex and I both completely forgot about Command Points (New edition!!!) so things could have gone very differently but I still have to say the game was a lot quicker to play than 7th edition ever was and I am really enjoying it!

What’s next…?

So what have I got coming up? Well I have already mentioned what is on my building table. On my painting table I have the arms and carapace weapons of my Imperial Knight, some Primaris Intercessors and Inceptors and I would also like to start painting some of the Silver Tower enemies so lots to do!

I have also just received in the post my new Space Marine codex, Datacards and White Dwarf so hopefully I will be able to find time to give them a review as well!

I think that will keep me busy for now! Until next time guys! Please don’t forget you can leave me comments in the section below and I will try to respond as quickly as I can!


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