My first game of 8th Edition – Dark Imperium Battle Report – Ultramarines vs Death Guard

My first game of 8th Edition – Dark Imperium Battle Report – Ultramarines vs Death Guard

So I played my first game of the new 8th edition of Warhammer 40k this week! I thought I would do a quick post on the following…

  • Short Battle Report
  • First Impressions review of both forces involved
  • First impressions of the new system

Battle Report: Primaris Marines Vs Death Guard

So I built the Dark Imperium box set and I thought as a good way to jump into 8th edition I would play just what came in the box against each other in a straight up kill each other mission.

I apologise that I didn’t take any photos as I was trying to pay attention and make sure that I was playing the game right without any hangovers from 7th edition.

I played the Primaris marines and my friend Alex played the Death Guard. The game focussed around me trying desperately to shoot down Alex’s plague marines, Plague Lord and Blight Drone with little success! I have never seen someone roll so many 5+ feel no pain (equivalent) rolls and eventually his Plague Lord and Blight Drone managed to polish off my army, with Alex only losing the majority of his pox walkers (even that was mostly due to morale failures which we realised at the end of the game they ignore!) a handful of plague marines and his sorceror. I had nothing left on the table at the end.

Overall it was a good game and much, much quicker than I am used to playing a game! It felt like a lot of the phases that usually take a long time were sped up and less rules were having to be looked up despite it being our first game of the new edition.

Primaris Marine force review

My overall review of the Primaris marine force in the Dark Imperium box were that they were much more effective when bunched together due to the captain and lieutenant re-rolls. However I felt against the Death Guard there was not enough -AP weapons to do enough damage to the Blight Drone and Plague Lord especially. I felt the marines would be good against an infantry heavy force but against the Blight Drone and heavily armoured and resilient Plague Lord they just couldn’t do any damage.

Death Guard force review

I felt that the Death Guard force, although very slow, was more balanced and had the firepower and resiliency just to take the punishment that the Primaris could give and just walk on through it. I do feel that Alex rolled very well on his disgustingly resilient rolls throughout the game so it may have not been an accurate representation but I thought the Blight Drone and Plague Lord in particular were great and very powerful in this game.

8th Edition First Impressions…

Overall as I have already mentioned I thought the game was much quicker and did feel generally easier to play than 7th, with less rules having to be looked up, but that may have just been due to the forces we were playing.

I am looking forward to playing some more games with my regular armies and seeing how they fare in the new edition. I am also looking forward to the new codexes coming out and seeing what differences they have compared to the indexes.

On the painting table

So I was on holiday in the South of France for the past 2 weeks hence the lack of regular posting but this week I have managed to paint my unit of 3 Kataphron Breachers. Let me know what you think of them in the comments section below!

I hope to post again soon without the massive time gap that has been happening lately due to being busy with other things so keep an eye out for the next post!


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