Blood Bowl First Impressions

Blood Bowl First Impressions

So you would think that my first post this week would be all about the new release of 8th Edition 40k…well I am quite surprised myself that actually I am talking Blood Bowl!

So I played my first game of Blood Bowl (ever! I know it’s almost sacrilegious that I have been in the hobby so long and yet never played a game of Blood Bowl, miniature game or video game!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I bought my Blood Bowl box and Death Zone season 1 a while back now and since the league at out local club has just finished it felt like a good time to learn how to play before the open league starts anew in a month or so’s time.

So my friend and fellow club member Lloyd, a seasoned Blood Bowl veteran, who I have been pestering for a while to teach me how to play said he would show me how to play as there were a few other Blood Bowl newbies who wanted to try it out too! So I brought down my Blood Bowl set, teams and all and set up to play my first game.

Now although Lloyd was on hand to help us with rules queries and the like, I actually ended up playing another Blood Bowl and club newbie so forgive me I have forgotten his name. However he was great to play against and we had a great game. We ended up finishing early as our game was playing quite slowly due to us both being very new to the rules but I think we ended up finishing on one turn 3 for one of us in the second half.

I played the human team and he played the orc team from straight out of the starter set and it was a fairly even game. I ended up scoring to win the game 1-0 with a throw, catch and run to the end zone over 2 turns with a lot of rolls needing to be made otherwise my play would have fallen apart! I am pretty sure the Orcs would have crushed me and scored a touchdown of their own if the throw had failed (which I had failed 3/3 throws in the previous turns of the game so I wasn’t feeling lucky!) as his team had managed to get round the back of my front line and were 1 turn away from crushing my thrower. However the throw paid off and I went home with a 1-0 win (although again we finished early so there was plenty of turns for him to score back had we had time to finish).

So I am really looking forward to starting to paint some of the teams and play some more games so I can get used to the rules before the open league begins in July. I have also sneakily ordered a Dwarf team as I think they look really cool. I am hoping whichever team I end up taking to the Open League will be able to get some wins!

I am thinking of naming my team the New Castle Raiders (I am a Newcastle fan after all!) and trying to get the black and white theme in the paint scheme somewhere!

On the theme of painting…

So I managed to paint 2 more of the Silver Tower heroes, the Sigmarite Warrior Priest and the Tenebreal Shard. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Painting is my real weakness, both in putting time in to paint and just generally not being very good at it but any comments are welcome!


So I couldn’t go this post without posting something 8th edition-y! So I am still waiting for my main order but I bought the Primaris half of the Dark Imperium box of one of the guys at the club (so I will be able to double up when my order arrives). So far I have managed to build one Intercessor squad, 2 Lieutenants and the Ancient.

I have to say I really like the models, the scale and cleanness of the models really impressed me. I do hope that they will be bringing out multi-pose models rather than going down a one pose route but we will see.

That’s all for today, hopefully will have another post up soon with more Blood Bowl, 8th Edition trying out the new rules and assembling some more of the new Primaris Marines, Death Guard and Dwarf Team when they arrive!


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