8th Edition is upon us!

8th Edition is upon us!

Hi all!

Another week has flown by and again I have been struggling to find time to write these posts, or perhaps I have not been prioritising writing the posts over other things at the moment? However I read a post from another blogger who said they had seen a lot of posts lately apologising for not writing posts more frequently and how this shouldn’t be something we apologise for. Whichever blogger it was (definitely within the miniature wargaming genre) thank you for the supportive words!

So 8th edition pre-orders are finally live! I don’t know about you guys but I am really excited about the new edition coming out. As I write this I am watching the new 8th edition battle reports on Miniwargaming.com (personally I think it is the best site for miniature wargaming videos) and I can’t wait to have my own try at the new system.

I have pre-ordered the new Dark Imperium box set, along with the Index books for Imperium 1&2 (to support my Space Marines & Ad-Mech) and Xenos 2 (to support my Tyranids & Genestealer Cult). I also ordered the objective markers as I think they look really cool as well as the tactical objective cards and wound marker dice so I am thoroughly looking forward to it arriving in around about 2 weeks time.

What have you guys been pre-ordering? I know over the last few weeks with the regular daily posts about the new rules and army focus posts I have been getting more and more excited about 8th edition and having a crack at playing it with my armies.

I know a couple of people online have been saying that the new army rules in the index books look a bit more boring than they are in 7th edition but I am a firm believer that the indexes are stop gap books just so people have the rules to play with their armies when 8th edition is released. I am sure GW will bring out new codexes which will update rules for the respective armies and factions.

So as I have been getting pretty excited about this I have been continuing to build up my genestealer cult forces and painting my Ad-Mech army. You can see the results of my labour below! I built a unit of Hybrid Metamorphs for my Genestealer Cult and finally got around to painting my Skitarii Ruststalkers! Now I only have my unit of Breachers and my Imperial Knight to paint before I have completed my War Convocation, which in classic faction will soon no longer exist…!



I hope to have another post up soon with some more Genestealer Cult units built or potentially a game of Blood Bowl report.

Thanks for continuing to support me everyone!


2 thoughts on “8th Edition is upon us!

  1. Fantastic post! I am cautiously optimistic about the new edition, but I’m going to reserve final judgment until I have played a few games. However, I am still going to jump on board with a new army as soon as I get my hands on one of the new index books. I look forward to hearing your take on it as it unfolds! Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks mate. Hopefully putting up a post this weekend about painting some more silver tower figures and about my first game of blood bowl! Got my 8th edition stuff on order so will be waiting for that to arrive probably early next week. Like you say I want to reserve judgement until I have played some games and also appreciate that these indexes are probably simplified compared to what codexes will be when they come out in the near future!

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