Salute you sir!

Salute you sir!

Hi all!

Sorry for the long gap between now and my last post, I had been meaning to post for a while as a few different things have been going on but I thought it would be better to consolidate it into 1 post rather than lots of bitty posts (and finding the time to write a post has been challenging over the last week!).

So I will talking about a couple of things this week:

  • Visiting Salute 2017
  • 8th Edition news
  • Continuing the Cult
  • What’s on the Painting Table

So hopefully there is something to pique your interest!

Salute 2017

So I visited Salute 2017, a tabletop gaming convention organised by the South London Warlords which you can find here:

It was hosted at the ExCel arena in London and first of all I have to say that this is a fantastic venue and perfect for the kind of space that a wargaming convention would need with lots of demo tables for new and existing games and plenty of space for trader stalls.

My initial take home thoughts are that Salute is a great experience if it is the first time you have been to something like that or are relatively new into the wargaming  hobby as it provides you an opportunity to see the huge diversity of the hobby. Not only within the number of different games, from historical gaming, fantasy wrestling, sci-fi or the Walking Dead, but also within the fan base and community. There were people from all walks of life that attended and it truly shows that this idea that everyone who is involved in Miniature Wargaming is a shy nerd kind of character is complete nonsense.

Salute would be brilliant if you are looking for new games to get into, or perhaps different models to add to your collection or use for as proxies for something then yes it is fantastic. There are also lots of demo games available if you are interested in getting involved which is great. However as one of our club members sensibly did, you may want to leave your credit cards at home and just take some cash so you aren’t tempted to overspend! believe me the temptation is real!

For me it ended up being a rather glorified shopping day, with all of the internet (miniature wargaming-wise) in one place. We arrived just before it opened at 10am and ended up leaving around 1:30pm as we didn’t really feel like staying any longer. I know some members of the club did not leave until much later but for me I would not stay longer than a few hours. I ended up buying a few things, the exclusive Bloodbowl Ogre & Halfling and again an exclusive Forgeworld Praetor with Thunder Hammer. I also got the Salute exclusive miniature that comes with the ticket as well as another miniature that was in the goody bag.

Would I go again? Perhaps, perhaps not. I think the limiting thing for me is that I am only really invested in the Games Workshop hobbies and not others at the moment as I don’t have the time or money to invest in more! But don’t let me dissuade you, I know lots of our gaming club loved it and it was a great place to get supplies for the club.]

8th Edition News…

So it’s official, 8th edition is on it’s way. I for one am excited! Don’t get me wrong, I am nervous about the changes coming as it looks like they are going very much down the route of Age of Sigmar style rules, which in itself is no bad thing as many of the rules are great and probably improved over 40k, however there are also some I am not so sure on, like the no WS/BS & strength/toughness rules which I do not like so much. I feel that a goblin should not be hitting and wounding a dragon on the same roll as another goblin.

I will be keeping an eye on the news as it is released and will let you know any thoughts I have on the subject. I have already seen the new map they released today which I am cool with, I love the fluff and love it continuing to develop.

Continuing the Cult

I have been continuing to build my Genestealer Cult over the past week, adding a Goliath (magnetised for both Truck and Rockgrinder) as well as a Sentinel (2 more on the way!) which I have been magnetising to offer all the weapon options. I apologise I don’t have any pictures up but I will hopefully add some tonight as I will doing some more building at the club whilst watching some of the guys continue the Blood Bowl League!

On the Painting Table

Over the past week I have been painting my Sicarian Infiltrators and I managed to complete them so take a look and let me know what you think below!

I am very close to finishing my War Convocation being painted, I still need to complete 3 Breachers, 5 Ruststalkers and my Knight but it has been great having this blog to motivate me to keep painting. I think I have painted more this year than the last few years combined!

Thanks for being patient with the slow updates but I will try and be better this week!


2 thoughts on “Salute you sir!

    1. Hi Ed thanks for the comment. I will definitely give it a try. A couple of guys from the club did it and had great fun!


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