Building the Insurrection…

Building the Insurrection…

So I have not mentioned it that heavily as it has been a bit on the back burner whilst I have been getting my Ad-Mech painted up but I am steadily building the small beginnings of a Genestealer Cult force that will tie in nicely with my Tyranid army.

At the moment I have currently built:

  • 1 x Patriarch (from my Tyranid army)
  • 30 x Genestealers (from my Tyranid army)
  • 1 x Cult Iconward
  • 1 x Magus
  • 1 x Primus
  • 5 x Acolytes
  • 10 x Neophyte Hybrids (the completely new models as opposed to the guard squads with conversion kits)

So the uprising is beginning but is no way near any sort of gaming action. I have an aim to build a small cult insurrection detachment so I can start gaming with them as I know they will be very different to play with compared to the rest of my armies!

The Cult Grows…

The reason I put up this post (and I will try and get some pictures of the models above in a post soon!) is that this week I have been working on building some new recruits to the Cult. More specifically I have been building another Neophyte squad with a Chimera for them to run around in! Take a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think!

I have decided that I would use the voxcaster with an icon on either side of his vox pack to be a cult icon should I choose to have one in the squad as it makes him easily identifiable from the rest of the squad.

Finally you can see the Chimera which I am in the process of finishing at the moment as I am magnetising the turret and hull mounted weapons so I can change the equipment without having to buy another or proxy. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult! I will let you know how I get on.

I think the Genestealer Cult have made a fantastic return to the 40k universe and I am really looking forward to playing a few games with them.

As always any comments or questions let me know below and I will respond as soon as I can!


4 thoughts on “Building the Insurrection…

    1. Oh yeah definitely, basically the regular Neophyte squads can be equipped in the same way as normal guardsmen squads, and also add the gsc specific weapons and equipment too. Sentinels, chimeras and leman russ tanks are all exactly like imperial guard.

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