Battle Report: Ad-Mech vs Raven Guard

Battle Report: Ad-Mech vs Raven Guard

So I had a battle with my close friend Alex who I have been gaming with for many years on Monday at the local gaming club.

It was 1850pts of my Ad-Mech Alliance vs Raven Guard.

Mission Type: Maelstrom of War Mission 6 – Deadlock

This is the mission where you place 6 objectives as usual and then you draw up to 6 cards turn 1, 5 turn 2, 4 turn 3, 3 turn 4, 2 turn 5, and 1 on turn 6 & 7 (if you get that far). It also includes standard VPs for Slay the Warlord, First Blood & Linebreaker.


I brought pretty much the same list as I used against Luke’s Raven Guard a few battle reports ago. The only real difference was that Alex was bringing a flyer so I changed 1 Onager to the Icarus array.

Ad-Mech Alliance

Cult Mechanicus Battle Congregation

Tech Priest Dominus w/ Conversion field, Macrostubber & Eradication Ray (Warlord)

3 x Kataphron Breachers w/ Heavy Arc Rifle & Arc Claw

3 x Kataphron Destroyers w/ Heavy Grav Cannon & Cognis Flamers

1 x Kastellan Robot Maniple (2 Kastellans + 1 Datasmith) w/ Conversion field (datasmith), Heavy Phosphor Blaster + Twin-linked Heavy Phosphor Blaster

Cult Mechanicus Battle Congregation
Cult Mechanicus Battle Congregation

Skitarii Maniple

10 x Skitarii Rangers w/ 2 Arc Rifles & Omnispex

10 x Skitarii Vanguard w/ 2 Plasma Caliver & Omnispex

5 x Sicarian Infiltrators w/ Flechette Blasters & Taser Goads + Princeps w/ Omniscient Mask

5 x Sicarian Ruststalkers w/ Transonic Razor, Chordclaw & Mindscrambler Grenades

3 x Syndonian Dragoons w/ Taser Lance

1 x Onager Dunecrawler w/ Neutron Laser + Cognis Heavy Stubber

1 x Onager Dunecrawler w/ Icarus Array


Skitarii Battle Maniple
Skitarii Battle Maniple

Raven Guard

Combined Arms Detachment

Chapter Master w/ Artificer Armour, Jump Pack, Swift Strike & Murder (Raven Guard relic Lightning Claws)

1 x Contemptor Dreadnought w/ Chain fist + melta and Multi-Melta

5 x Cataphractii Terminators w/ Combi-bolters + Powerfist, Heavy Flamer

5 x Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles + Missile Launcher

5 x Scouts w/ Bolters + Heavy Bolter

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino, Plasma gun & Veteran Sergeant

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino, Melta gun & Veteran Sergeant

5 x Assault Marines w/ Jump Packs & Veteran Sergeant w/ Power Sword

5 x Devastators w/ Razorback (Twin-linked Heavy Bolters), 4 x Missile Launcher & Armorium Cherub

1 x Predator w/ Twin-linked Lascannon & 2 x Lascannon Sponsons

1 x Stormraven w/ Twin-linked Plasma Cannon, Typhoon Missile Launcher & 2 x Hurricane Bolters


I won the roll off to deploy first and go first and chose to do so.


As you can see with the pictures below my Onager with Icarus array deployed in cover on the right flank, with the Destroyers and Dominus to the left of him with the Ruststalkers in front of them and Kastellans to the left. (objective 1 is sitting just above the Onager on the walkway.)

In the centre I deployed my Rangers on the top of the bastion (which also had another objective marker on it) and the Breachers to the left with the Vanguard in front. Ignore the Infiltrators as they had not yet infiltrated.

Finally on the left flank I had my second Onager with the Dragoons sitting in front of them.

Right Flank
Left Flank

Alex then deployed his army. His Chapter Master and assault marines began in cover on the left flank with 2 rhinos with combat squads of 5 marines in each and 5 marines in between. Ignore the marines to the left on the book as they are in rhinos and the Stormraven in reserve. His scouts with bolters infiltrated behind the building towards the centre of the table.  You can also see another objective in the centre and the final objective is on top of the building in front of the scouts. In the centre he deployed his Contemptor behind the building and Devastators on the top. Another objective marker in front of Contemptor. Finally on the right flank he deployed his sniper scouts in cover on top of the final objective, his predator with lascannons (he forgot the turret), final combat squad of marines, Razorback and Terminators.

Left Flank
Right Flank

I was then able to infiltrate my Infiltrators behind the building in front of the predator. The only scout move I made was with my Ruststalkers who moved towards the objective in the building in front of them.

Alex rolled to seize and failed.

Ad-Mech Turn 1

I began with most of my units moving forwards towards the centre of the field and my Ruststalkers advancing towards the objective in the building in front of them.

Katellans, Destroyers and Ruststalkers Advance
Dragoons, Breachers and Vanguard advance

In the shooting phase, my Grav Destroyers targeted the Devastators in the building opposite them and managed to take down 3. The Rangers on top of the bastion also targeted them but did no damage. The Kastellans also added their firepower and killed the remaining 2 for First Blood.

The Breachers aimed at the Rhino they could see on my right flank and took 2 hp off it. Finally my Onager with Neutron laser aimed at the Razorback opposite is and managed to inflict a shaken result on it knocking off 1 hull point.


My Ruststalkers ran to the top of the building to claim the objective and with that I ended my turn with Ascendancy for 2 points, No Prisoners and Hold the Line for a total of 5 points in my first turn including First Blood.

Raven Guard Turn 1

Alex’s Raven Guard units moved forwards pretty much across the board, with his Tacticals disembarking from his Rhinos ready to target my Ad-Mech.

Terminators and Tactical’s advance
Rhinos advance
Tacticals disembark and Chapter Master & Assault Squad advance towards the Ruststalkers

In the shooting phase Alex’s Lascannon Predator took 1 hp off my Icarus Array Onager and shook it. His Sniper Scout squad targeted my Vanguard for no damage. His Tacticals, Scouts and Chapter Master’s Assault squad all aim at the Ruststalkers and manage to kill 1.

His other Tacticals take aim at the Infiltrators but inflict no wounds and finally the Terminators target the Kastellans and inflict 1 wound.

In the assault phase his Chapter Master  and Assault squad charge into the Ruststalkers, and after some frankly horrendous rolling inflict 1 wound as they retaliate and kill 3 Assault Marines but remain locked in combat.

Alex ended his turn by securing Objective 5 and discarding Psychological Warfare.

Ad-Mech Turn 2

Again I began the turn by moving my squads forwards, with the Dragoons and Infiltrators moving ready to assault some of Alex’s vehicles and the rest getting into better firing positions.

Dragoons and Infiltrators advance
Kastellans and Vanguard advance
Destroyers and Dominus advance

In the shooting phase my Vanguard took aim at his Cataphractii Terminators and kill 3. My Rangers target the already damaged Rhino and wreck it. The Kastellans target the Tacticals in front of them and kill the squad.

The Breachers fire at the Predator and only take 1 hp off it whilst the Grav Destroyers kill the Tacticals in front of them.

In the Assault phase my Dragoons assault the Predator and the Infiltrators assault the Razorback..

Dragoons assault Predator & Infiltrators assault Razorback.

As you can guess both squads wreck their targets and await the inevitable retaliation. However the Ruststalkers and totally wiped out by the Chapter Master & Assault squad for no wounds in return as they should have done in the first round of assault.

Chapter Master & Assault Squad kill Ruststalkers and prepare for their next move…

To end my turn I secured Blood & Guts for another point.

Raven Guard Turn 2

Alex rolls for reserves and his Storm Raven streaks onto the battlefield.

The Storm Raven arrives!

Alex moves his Chapter Master & Assault squad ready to charge the Dominus and his destroyers as well as moving his scout squad round to target them. His Terminators make a move towards my Infiltrators and the Contemptor moves towards my Kastellans in the centre.

In the shooting phase Alex’s sniper and missile launcher scouts manage to stun the Onager with neutron laser bringing it down to 2 hp.

His Tacticals & Terminators combine fire to bring down 2 Infiltrators and put 1 wound on the Alpha. Meanwhile his Contemptor inflicts another wound on the Kastellans.

His Storm Raven targets my Breacher squad and inflicts 5 wounds, leaving 1 left with 1 wound remaining and also kills 2 vanguard. His Chapter Master & Assault squad manage to put 1 wound on the Dominus.

In the Assault phase his Terminators charge my Infiltrators and Chapter Master and friends charge the Dominus and his Destroyers.

Chapter Master & Bodyguard assault the Dominus & Destroyers

Unfortunately Alex’s Termintator’s are both killed before getting to strike by my Infiltrators who consolidate towards his Tactical marines.

His Chapter Master issues a challenge and the Dominus accepts. However he fails to inflict any wounds and takes a wound in return. In the rest of the assault I lose 1 Destroyer and Alex loses an Assault marine but I pass my leadership test and so combat continues.

Alex ends his turn claiming a point for Issuing a Challenge.

Ad-Mech Turn 3

In the movement phase my Dragoons moved to prepare to charge Alex’s Contemptor and Infiltrators move to tackle the Tactical squad in front of them and finally the Kastellans move to aid the Dominus in combat.

In the shooting phase the Rangers kill 1 scout from the squad on the right flank and the Vanguard kill the Tactical squad in front of them.

The Icarus Array targets the Storm Raven and Alex elects not to jink and the Onager destroys it.

In the Assault phase the Dragoons charge the Contemptor and Infiltrators the Tacticals in front of them. Finally the Kastellans join the assault with the Dominus.

In assault the Dragoons wreck the Contemptor before it can strike and the Infiltrators kill 3 marines but they pass leadership after inflicting no wounds in return.

In the main event the Chapter Master manages to inflict 1 more wound on the Dominus before the Assault Squad and Chapter Master are killed through a combination of Katellans and Dominus.

At this point we decided to call it as Alex only had a Rhino, 2 scout squads and 2 Tactical marines left against my pretty much undamaged army, having only lost my Breachers (bar 1 on 1 wound), a few infiltrators, a few Vanguard and a wound or Hull point here and there.

Result: Ad-Mech Victory


Overall I think it was a fairly dominant display for the Ad-Mech both due to army selection and unlucky dice rolling on Alex’s part.

Alex’s army is a fairly well-balanced one as we played a similar game at Warhammer World where I brought 1850pts of Tyranids and he won that game but I think with all the high strength shooting and low AP weapons of the Ad-Mech, lots of Tactical Marines was perhaps not the best way to go (As I am writing this I played a War Convocation with Cawl against a Gladius with Guilliman and lost last night!). However without any real bonuses being provided by formations and the like I think lots of Bolter fire was not doing enough damage and was being fairly easily killed in return.

I think my MVP has to be the Dragoons, taking out a full Lascannon Predator and Contemptor, 2 units I was more concerned with, in 2 rounds of combat was very effective and I am growing to love these guys as they always perform well.

My LVP was probably the Breachers as they only wrecked a Rhino and put 1 HP on the Predator before being most killed but even still that is not a bad return.

Alex was a very good sport and even carried on after turn 2 where it was beginning to already look like a fairly one-sided game, points wise and models wise and I have no doubt a rematch will be arranged soon!

Hope you enjoyed this Battle Report and let me know what you think about the battle and what you felt could have gone better either side, list building or during the battle!


2 thoughts on “Battle Report: Ad-Mech vs Raven Guard

  1. Thats a cracking first turn of points you got!

    I bet that felt good bringing down the Storm Raven!

    The shooting was pretty good I think from you, he didn’t stand a chance. I wish the Guard were so effective at their shooting. I often get assaulted and things fall apart soon afterwards before I have chance to kill as much you did in this game.

    How long do you games take?


    1. Yeah it was a pretty epic first turn of points in the bag which set me up very well for the rest of the game. To be honest it just felt like Alex’s shooting wasn’t effective enough to really challenge any of my units. A game of 1850pts usually takes around 2-2 1/2 hours, maybe a bit longer depending on how serious a game it is! Glad you enjoyed the report!


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