Battle Report 1850pts Ad-Mech + Knight vs Ravenwing + Celestine

Battle Report 1850pts Ad-Mech + Knight vs Ravenwing + Celestine

First of all I apologise for the lack of pictures, didn’t have time to take them this time around! I played a game on Monday against Adam’s Ravenwing.


1850pt Eternal War Mission Big Guns Never Tire (Extra vps for destroying Heavy Support Choices of which we had 2 each). 3 Objectives, one in the centre, one on Adam’s left flank and one on my left flank.


My list:

Oathsworn Detachment:
1 Imp Knight w/gatling cannon, melta gun, reaper chainsword, stormspear missile launcher
Skitarii Maniple:
10 rangers w/ 2 arc rifles + omnispex
10 vanguard w/ 2 plasma calivers + omnispex
3 Syndonian Dragoons w/ taser lances
5 Infiltrators w/taser goads and the burst pistols
Unbound detachment Cult Mechanicus:
1 Tech Priest Dominus
3 Grav + Phosphor destroyers
10 Fulgurite Priests
1 unit of 2 Kastellans w/ all Phosphor

His list (roughly)
Ravenwing Strike Force Detachment
2 x librarian on bike
black knights w/ apothecary
3 x bike squad w/ mixture of melta, grav, attack bikes with melta
Ravenwing Support Squadron
2 speeders w/ hvy bolter + missiles
2 speeders w/ double hvy bolter
Combined Arms Detachment
5 man tactical squad
5 man tactical squad w/ melta + Drop Pod
2 x Vindicator


He won the roll off for deployment and elected to deploy first and go first. The Ravenwing Support squadron were deployed fairly central, with a bike squad on each flank as well as another bike squad in the centre with the Black Knights. The tactical squad deployed in a building on his left flank with the other 5 man squad awaiting in their drop pod. Finally Celestine joined the Black Knights in the centre and one Vindicator was placed on his left flank and one to the right of centre.

I started by deploying my Grav Destroyers in a building in the centre, with the Dragoons on my far right flank. My Dominus joined the electro-priests to the right of centre. My Knight deployed left of centre, with the rangers and vanguard on the left flank and the Kastellans slightly more to the centre. Finally I infiltrated my Sicarians behind some cover on the left flank.

Adam scouted forwards with his bikes and I chose to keep my units that could scout where they were.

I failed to seize the initiative so Adam began turn 1.

Turn 1

Adam began by deep striking his drop pod towards my back line. Unfortunately it scattered and landed directly pretty much in the centre of the board and his 5 man squad with melta stepped out to target my Knight.

His bikes moved forwards along with the speeders and Vindicators as his Librarians prepared to prescience both Vindicators. In the psychic phase he successfully cast prescience on both Vindicators but one took a wound from a perils roll in the process.

In the shooting phase, Adam targeted my Grav Destroyers with his black knights and land speeders and proceeded to kill 2 of them. The melta squad fired at the Imperial Knight to no effect, Vindicator in the middle missed even with prescience as did the Vindicator on my right flank. He then proceeded to turbo-boost with most of the rest of his units to get that re-rollable jink save without suffering the snap shooting due to the detachment special rules.

With no assaults Adam ended his turn.

I began turn 1 by moving my Dragoons forward up the right flank, Dominus and electro-priests towards the centre and and rangers, vanguard, kastellans and Knight all towards the centre.

In the shooting phase I targeted the drop pod and one of the ravenwing squads with my Knight, managing to take a hull point off one landspeeder and forcing them to jink and killing two bikes and no damage to the drop pod.

The lone destroyer targeted his Black Knight but did no damage. Kastellans targeted more bikes and managed to take down 1. Vanguard and Rangers targeted the melta squad in front of my army and killed them all for First Blood. I also stunned 1 vindicator in the centre.

In the assault phase my Dragoons assaulted the Vindicator, wrecking it and my Knight charged the drop pod, again destroying it.

End of turn 1

Turn 2

In Adm’s turn 2 he surged forwards intent on doing some real damage. Celestine seperated from the Black Knights and moved towards my Dragoons with the intent to assault and destroy them along with one of the damaged bike squads with melta. The Black Knights surged forwards along with the other Ravenwing squads to target my Knight. The land speeders adjusted in the centre.

In the shooting phase Adam managed to kill a few rangers, destroy 1 Dragoon and strip 3 hull points off my Imperial Knight as well as inflicting 2 wounds on my Dominus and killing a few electro priests.

In the assault phase Celestine proceeded to wreck the 2 dragoons and his Black Knights assaulted my Dominus and electro priests, killing the dominus and a few more priests before hit & running back away from my Imperial Knight.

Adam then carefully turbo boosted a normal ravenwing squad such that my Imperial Knight could not move forwards as well as the stunned vindicator parking in front of my army.

My turn 2 began with my electro priests moving towards his Black Knights, the Kastellans continued to move towards the centre, and then infiltrators moved towards one of the bike squads.

In the shooting phase I damaged 1 more land speeder forcing them to jink, killed 1 of Celestine’s gemini and wrecked the vindicator in the centre as well as killing the ravenwing squad blocking the imperial knight in the centre.

In assault my electro priests charged the black knights and were swiftly dispatched! The infiltrators assaulted another bike squad and killed 1 before being locked in combat.

Turn 3

Adam moved his black knights, remaining ravenwing squad and celestine forwards to surround the Knight. His librarian warlord on bike moved to join the infiltrator combat.

In the psychic phase once again Adam attempted to psychic shriek the Kastellans, failing to inflict any wounds both times and the Librarian already on 1 wound perilled and died.

In the shooting phase Adam took down the Knight with combined fire from the Black Knights and the other Ravenwing Squad. Celestine’s orbital strike killed several vanguard and inflicted a wound on the Kastellans.

In assault the warlord Librarian charged in, challenged the Alpha, and was promptly killed along with the other bikes by the rest of the squad before he could strike.

In my turn 3 I moved the infiltrators towards Celestine along with the remaining vanguard and rangers and Kastellans.

In the shooting phase my Infiltrators managed to inflict 4 (Yes 4!!) wounds on Celestine and taking down the other Gemini before the vanguard managed to inflict the final wound to take her down and Adam promptly rolled an 11 for her get back up test so she was dead! The Kastellans continued to make the Landspeeders jink with no damage. The remaining Destroyer made the Black Knights jink again with no damage.

With no assaults my turn ended.

Turn 4

Adam moved his Black Knights and final Ravenwing squad towards the centre and moved his tactical squad to sit on the objective in front of them.

In the shooting phase he killed more rangers and vanguard leaving them with just a handful remaining as well as killing all but 1 infiltrator.

In my turn 4 I moved the final infiltrator to assault his land speeders and moved the rest of my army towards the centre objective.

In shooting it was a lot of causing units to jink but no damage.

In assault my lone Infiltrator destroyed the darkshroud and immobilized one land speeder locking it in combat with him.

Turn 5

In Adam’s turn 5 he moved his Black Knights to cover 1 objective, his final ravenwing squad to assault my remaining rangers and the undamaged land speeder away from the infiltrator.

In shooting he caused minimal damage to my units.

In assault he charged the rangers, killing 2 but being locked in combat while my final infiltrator killed the landspeeder locked in combat with him.

In my turn 5 I moved my final infiltrator in the vain hope of removing the tactical squad from the objective they were holding and moved the Kastellans to the centre objective.

In the shooting phase I did no damage at all.

My last hope was charging the tactical squad and killing them or causing them to flee off the objective. However my infiltrator was killed in overwatch.

I rolled for turn 6 an failed so the game ended.

A close victory to the Ravenwing!


Ravenwing won 9 – 7 with him controlling 2 objectives plus warlord, linebreaker and 1 hvy support kill vs my one objective, warlord, first blood and 2 hvy support kills

Highlight of the game were Celestine failing 4 2+ saves out of 5 from burst pistol shots from a unit of 5 infiltrators, then having the last wound taken and promptly failing leadership 10 test with a roll of an 11.

Very close game and lots of fun, kept making lots of units jink but didn’t seem to be able to do much damage with re-rollable jink saves which meant he still had a unit of black knights, small squad of bikes, 1 tactical squad (5 man) and 1 landspeeder left to secure objectives in the end game. All I had left was 1 grav destroyer, 3 vanguard, 6 rangers and a squad of kastellans with 1 wound taken.

MVP has to be Infiltrators who killed squad of bikes, warlord librarian, did most of the damage to Celestine and tore apart Darkshroud + landspeeder before final man killed by tactical squad.

LVP has to be dominus and fulgurite priests. Got shot a lot, may have inflicted 1 wound if lucky. Shame because I love the fluff and models for them, just never seem to achieve anything. However a good way to tone down Admech lists.


2 thoughts on “Battle Report 1850pts Ad-Mech + Knight vs Ravenwing + Celestine

  1. Hi Nice write up!

    It sounds like it was very close game and perhaps given a different roll or slightly decision change the victory could have been yours! But the close fought ones are always the best. It always amazes me how close Maelstrom can be sometimes. With games that last 5 or 6 turns sometimes ending up being 13-14 VPs. So many VPs yet still so close!

    Were your Destroyers the Kataphron Destroyers? Are they Troops? I wonder about getting some to run with Cawl to make an allied detachment to run alongside and bolster my Guard.

    Keep it up commander!

    Quick note, make the titles for yours and his list – His list (roughly) – bigger. I carried on reading and missed the title and was thinking “This is a massive list for 1850!”


    1. Thanks! It was very close fought and could have swung either way. If I been able to stop him holding either of the other objectives I would have won!
      Yes kataphron destroyers are troops and yes they would make great allies for cawl!
      Thanks for the suggestion, will make the edits later! Got another game tonight against Raven Guard so wish me luck!


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