Painting Update – Darkoath Chieftain

So as I have been fairly busy this week with work and home life I have not had much time to do painting or playing games so all I have managed to paint this week is the Darkoath Chieftain from Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower box. I apologise for the picture quality, could not for the life of me get my phone camera to focus on the model (any suggestions on how to fix this gratefully received!).

Darkoath Chieftain

I ranĀ a fairly quick paint job on him and I know I am not the best painter in the world but I am fairly pleased with how he has come out. Looking forward to painting the Fyreslayer Doomseeker next so I will make a post as soon as I have some progress.

Coming Up…

I have just had my notification that my triumvirate of the primarch box and gathering storm part 3 have been dispatched so I am hoping to do a post on unboxing/flicking through the book soon!

As always let me know what you are working on or excited for in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Painting Update – Darkoath Chieftain

    1. Thanks Joe, I will definitely take a look as I was getting very frustrated at trying to get a closer shot of the model, but then it would completely blur up and not focus.


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