March White Dwarf: Thoughts & Review

March White Dwarf: Thoughts & Review

whitedwarfmarch2017So I received my March copy of White Dwarf last week and I am virtually through reading it so I thought I could give some thoughts a reflections on what was inside this month! Unfortunately I have not had much time to paint this week  so I don’t have anything to add in terms of painting updates this week, although I plan to rectify that this evening by hopefully painting at least one of my Warhammer Quest heroes, although Dr Strange arriving this evening may cause problems!

The main things I will be focusing on from this months White Dwarf are:

  1. The Rise of the Primarch (can’t not talk about that really!)
  2. The New Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal
  3. The general update to White Dwarf since going back to the monthly format

The Rise of the Primarch

The official release has finally arrived! No more looking at blurry images on Belloflostsouls and trusting rumour mills on various websites that are sometimes accurate but not always. We finally have the big man himself, Roboute Guilliman has returned to the Imperium.

robouteguillimanhelmetcontent-1I will start with the model. I think it is a fantastic model and I definitely prefer helmet on than off. I know a lot of people prefer the Forge World model but I massively prefer this model. I’m not sure what it is that makes me like it so much better. Being a big Ultramarines fan and having a rather large army of them, you would have thought I would have bought the Primarch model by now, but I was never that enamoured with the Forge World model (and still frustrated that their is not an Ultramarine specific Contemptor model but that’s another story) and never liked it enough to buy it. However when I saw this model I straight away wanted to get it. Sure enough he and the other member of the Triumvirate of the Primarch are on pre-order as well as the Gathering Storm part 3. Having had some rumours going around on rules etc he seems like he is going to be pretty awesome as well as a bunch of new rules, formations, relics etc all for Ultramarines which of course I think is great!

But what I also love from having read the White Dwarf articles as well as rumour mills going round on the fluff side is that Guilliman has woken up from stasis and is NOT happy at what he sees the Imperium has become. I think this is a great step story wise as it really leaves an interesting stepping on point for the rumoured 8th edition which will be coming out this year (so they say). I still have yet to read the full story for each gathering storm book but I inevitably will do and will report back at some point here on what I think as I love the story side.

Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal

The brand new Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal got the full treatment in this months White Dwarf with a full opening of the box, how the game works, the designers notes on how it came about and anything else you can think of!


My own thoughts on the game are:

  1. It’s great to have another expansion (that is also standalone) to Warhammer Quest as I think it is a fantastic game to play with people who perhaps aren’t ready to play a full game of Age of Sigmar or 40k and also does not take nearly as long to play. Click here to read my full article on Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower
  2. I am not sure how I feel about the need for a GM or Gamesmaster like you do with Dungeons & Dragons. The thing I loved about Silver Tower is that everyone gets to play a hero and the fact that you need someone to sit out and play the villains is something I am not so keen on. However having said that I have not played this version so I may say differently once having played it.
  3. I do like the fact that the story is a bit more linear and less random than Silver Tower and also that you get to step out of the dungeon aspect of the game and explore the city as it just expands the scope of the game beyond running through the dungeons.
  4. Finally I know a lot of people were disappointed that no new models were released in this box and that all the heroes and villains were already available. However I am not too bothered by this as I still think you get a good selection of models even though they are not new.

It was really interesting to hear the designers thoughts on how they took Silver Tower and developed on it, not just creating the same thing but in a different setting but looking at how they could make it different and new and I think they have done a great job. I am sure I will pick it up once I have played my way through Silver Tower but will wait until then!

White Dwarf Monthly Format

Having collected and read White Dwarf magazines from when I was knee high to a grasshopper I love that White Dwarf has gone back to the monthly format and a format where it is a magazine that has content to read. This may sound stupid but the weekly format was essentially a selling catalogue and don’t get my started on what a waste of money Warhammer: Visions was. Still don’t understand why people bought that. I bought one copy and never went back, the same with the weekly White Dwarf magazine.

I am however thoroughly enjoying the back to the old ways of White Dwarf. Battle Reports, Tale of 4 Armies, articles on new releases, painting tips, video game updates and all sorts of added extras means there is actually a reason to buy the magazine again. They feel much more like magazines you would go back and read again which was what I did with my older copies but never with the weekly format as there was nothing to read!

I think most agree with me that the new (or should I say old?) format is much better and provides a solid purpose that wargamers love to read and yet it still has the space to be a marketing magazine as well.

Anyway I think that is all for me this week. i hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you think in the comments section below. What do you think of the Guilliman being back? Or of the new Warhammer Quest game? Let me know!


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