Questing to that shiny Silver Tower…

Questing to that shiny Silver Tower…

This week I thought I would talk about one of my favourite standalone boxed games which is Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower is a boxed game released by Games Workshop that contains a selection of miniatures and card dungeon tiles that is all self-contained so you do not need anything else to play the game unlike many of their other games like Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar.


TST (the Silver Tower) is set in the realms of Age of Sigmar and contains a number of playable characters such as a Stormcast Eternal, one of Sigmar’s chosen warriors, a Dwarf doomseeker and a Tenebreal Shard (an elf like assassin). You choose a character and with your friends travel through a number of different dungeon adventures fighting against the minions of the Gaunt Summoner, a fickle sorcerer of Tzeentch.

Tenebreal Shard

The thing I love about this game is it is very simple to pick up and play. My wife and I have played a game of it and she has had very little wargaming experience prior to this and was able to pick up the core principles of the game very quickly, unlike when I was attempting to teach someone the rules of Warhammer 40,000 in a game at my local club a few weeks ago. It is only when you are trying to teach someone completely new to Warhammer 40,000 that you realise how complex it is, even with a relatively simple army like Space Marines. TST is a simple game that is easy to pick up and play but also has a lot of replayability with being able to select between the 6 heroes available in the box, but also rules have been released for a huge selection of other Age of Sigmar models to be used in the game. My friend Alex have been running through the game, having completed 4 of the eight trials (dungeons) and he has been using the Age of Sigmar Knight Venator, a winged bowman who is very powerful in the game.


What I also enjoy about the game is the fact that the enemies are controlled in a random fashion so you do not need another player to play just the enemies. This means it is a great game to play with a group of friends, it recommends 2-4 players, where you can all work together against the enemies in the Tower.

whquestThe original Warhammer Quest was released long before I had joined the hobby so I never
got to experience it myself. However I feel Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower is a fantastic successor to it and I am looking forward to purchasing Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal at some point in the future as it expands even further on this concept.

What’s on the painting table

I am really pleased with my progress on my Skitarii Vanguard having completed the whole squad of ten which you can see below. Let me know what you think in the comments below. As I have said before I am not a great painter and the painting part of the hobby is the part I struggle with the most but I am enjoying having this blog to push me to paint more. Check out the pictures below.

What’s next?

Well following on very smoothly from my comments on Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower, my plan for the next few weeks is to paint up some of the heroes and adversaries from the box set to make the game even better! I have also got a Tech-Priest Dominus to squeeze in there as well and maybe a Predator Destructor if I can find the time!

Thanks again for reading and let me know your comments and/or questions in the comments section below.


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