Welcome to Miniature Minded

Welcome to Miniature Minded

So at last I have decided to start my own blog on the Miniature Wargaming hobby. Who knows where it will go but if I don’t start, I will never know! So as this is my very first post I will cover a few things:

  • My background and own experience in the Miniature Wargaming hobby
  • What will Miniature Minded be about
  • What’s on my modelling/painting table this week

Background and Experience in Miniature Wargaming

I was first introduced to the Miniature Wargaming hobby way back in 1997 (I was just 8!) when I was bought my first White Dwarf magazine (the ┬ámonthly publication by Games Workshop) by my mum. I don’t think she ever realised the path that she had put me on with that first harmless looking magazine!white_dwarf_215_0

It was issue 215, which you can see to the right featured a number of exciting things such as; the new plastic Eldar Falcon Grav Tank, Gorkamorka, and a card insert and rules for Full Tilt, a game of jousting with Bretonnian Knights!

I was hooked straight away by the fantasy world of Warhammer, the sci-fi far flung future of Warhammer 40,000 and everything in between. I loved the beautifully painted models, the exciting game play and getting to build and paint your own models however you wanted to.

Since then I have been collecting, painting and playing various miniature Wargames with friends and even occasionally family (if I’m lucky!). My main game of choice is Warhammer 40,000, though I have begun to flirt with Age of Sigmar having recently bought the starter set as well as some of the self contained box games like Space Hulk, Warhammer Quest and Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth.

What is Miniature Minded?

Miniature Minded is going to be a blog about a number of different things related to the Miniature Wargaming hobby. This will include but not be limited to thoughts and reviews on new releases, model/unit reviews, editorial on my own thoughts on different aspects of the hobby like finding people to play with, introducing others to Miniature Wargaming and other issues that can be challenging with the hobby.

I will also be including what is on my modelling/painting table in that particular week, as much to keep myself accountable with my painting, the part of my hobby that I struggle with the most!

Finally I also hope to include some battle reports of my recent games that I have played with my friends and at my local club.

However we will see how far it goes and it may expand and draw in a number of different topics related to the hobby.

I am hoping to publish at least one post a week so keep an eye on my Facebook page (which you can find here) to keep updated on my latest posts. Please do feel free to comment below or on my Facebook page with any comments or questions and I will try to respond to as many as I can.

What’s on the Painting Table this week?

This week on my painting table are a unit of 10 Skitarii Vanguard to add to my Ad-Mech coalition army. I will never profess to be a good painter but hopefully it can encourage you to paint your own models, as I know I need all the encouragement I can get to paint mine! Hopefully next week I can show you the finished results!

First 5 of my Skitarii Vanguard w/ Alpha and 2 Plasma Calivers


Thanks for reading and I hope that you will come back and return for more. As I said I hope to publish weekly posts and will attempt to respond to as many comments and questions that are left here, or on my Facebook page.



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